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How can planning, decision making, and training aid in developing an organizational culture in health organizations? What are potential consequences if a health organization does not have proper planning, does not utilize effective decision-making models, and does not provide necessary training?

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discussion and journal

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Team Building

Jack Elliott heads a key department at your hospital. Robert Corning heads another key department. Jack and Robert truly despise each other. Robert had an affair with Jack’s wife, resulting in a divorce from Jack, and Robert’s marriage to Jack’s former wife. During the course of the ending marriage, separation with attempts to reconcile, and eventual divorce, Robert and Jack even got into two fistfights—one at the home of Jack and his (then) wife, and one at work.

This history becomes important because you must address a major problem confronting your hospital, and it is essential that the departments headed by Jack and Robert be key parts of the matrix team that you are developing. It is obviously vital that all of the requisite components work well together. Representation on the leadership team is supposed to be at the department head level.

What problems are presented here? How do you propose to deal with those problems? Present a checklist for building your team.

Be sure to address the following:

· Any legal issues

· Institutional policy issues

· Documentation

Describe your answer in detail, write in response to each case scenario. Your Journal entry should be at least 500 words.



In this scenario, you have been selected by the Faculty to assist with a worldwide research project on Food Insecurity. Review background information on Food Insecurity issues in the U.S. You will visit two grocery stores near you and complete the NEMS evaluation instrument on each store and then write a 1–2 page reflection on your experience.

· Be sure to review the Survey Instructions document for specific instructions on completing the instrument prior to going to the stores.

· For reference, a document copy of the survey is available to view/print.

· A 400–500 word reflection submitted providing an overview of your experience collecting the data.

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