Philosophy of War and Peace

Follow carefully the guidelines in the Handout “Writing a Philosophy Paper.”  Verify the following:

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Philosophy of War and Peace

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  • Does your paper have an abstract?
  • Does it have a clear outline and do you actually stick to the outline?
  • Is your research based on at least two scholarly monographs (besides the textbooks) and four scholarly articles directly relevant to your subject?
  • Do you clearly indicate the purpose of your paper in the introduction?
  • Does the main body and the conclusion perform what you said in the introduction you would do?
  • Are your arguments sound and consistent?
  • Have you read your paper out loud? Proof read it and spell check it.

As for the layout and the style, do you strictly adhere to the rules in the Kate Turabian “Manual”?

Submit your final version on time. If you need help, please, see me during office hours or send me your questions by e-mail.

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