Communicating at Work: Strategies for Success in Business  Essay Assignment Paper

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 Communicating at Work: Strategies for Success in Business  Essay Assignment Paper

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 Communicating at Work: Strategies for Success in Business  Essay Assignment Paper

1. Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives claimed, “They call me the Speaker, but they ought to call me the _________.”

2. Which of the following are common results of listening mistakes?

3. When Diego doesn’t understand his supervisor’s instructions, he blames his boss for not making the instructions clear. Pierre’s belief that effective communication is always the sender’s responsibility is an example of which of the following barriers to effective listening?

4. The Platinum Rule admonishes us to

5. Forty-eight hours after listening to a 10-minute presentation, the typical listener can recall ______ of the information presented.

6. Rafael is taking an online communication class this semester. Today he is frustrated because the server is down and he can’t complete the quiz on listening that is due by 5 P.M. Which barrier to effective listening does this situation illustrate?

7. All of the following can help reduce environmental distractions EXCEPT

8. Rhonda received a voice message marked “urgent,” but due to the poor quality of her phones’ speakers, she was not able to understand the message. Which barrier to listening does this problem represent?

9. The fact that a receiver can process information faster than a sender can speak affects which of the following barriers to effective listening?

10. Courtney continuously checks her email and texts responses while sitting in her biology lecture. Not surprisingly, she has trouble understanding many of the concepts she’s supposed to be learning. Which type of barrier to effective listening does this represent?

11. Which of the following terms represents the belief that your ideas are more important than other people’s ideas?

12. Self-centered listeners

13. Which is true about seeking clarification?

14. Which of the following is TRUE about gender difference in listening behavior?

15. Roberto’s friends say he is an excellent communicator. His listening ability has helped him develop and maintain a number of positive relationships, and he is extremely sensitive to the feelings and ideas of others. Which listening style preference do Rodayne’s actions illustrate? 16. Hiro takes pleasure in exploring ideas during meetings. He likes to discuss an idea thoroughly, being sure that all the pros and cons have been systematically considered. Only after much debate is he willing to decide on a course of action. Hiro is demonstrating the _________________ style of listening.

17. Mindless listening

18. Tyson’s instructor assigned him to listen to a political presentation on campus. According to your text, in which order should Tyson complete the necessary mental tasks?

19. An example of a counterfeit question is:

20. Which of the following is a paraphrasing response?

21. A questioning response differs from a paraphrasing response because a questioning response

22. Professor Tellez tells his students that they are to submit a draft of their term paper during the fourth week of the semester. Gloria responds, “So, as I understand it, your main reason for collecting our drafts is so that you can see whether we have found enough valid references.” Which type of paraphrasing is Gloria using?

23. Which was NOT suggested in the text to help you be a better evaluative listener?



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