COUN 6250/COUN 8250/COUN 6250A/COUN 6250F: Week 3: Forming a Group Essay Assignment Paper

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COUN 6250/COUN 8250/COUN 6250A/COUN 6250F: Week 3: Forming a Group Essay Assignment Paper

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COUN 6250/COUN 8250/COUN 6250A/COUN 6250F: Week 3: Forming a Group Essay Assignment Paper

COUN 6250/COUN 8250/COUN 6250A/COUN 6250F: Group Process and Dynamics | Week 3

The planning stage of forming a group may be the most important step in developing an effective group. Much like the architect’s design for a home, the planning stage lays the foundation upon which the group is built. The group leader must have a rationale that identifies the targeted population and the specific needs of that population. Clearly defined goals and measurable objectives are identified. Each group session has goals that align with the stage of the group process. Finally, practical considerations such as screening, recruiting group members, creating a meeting schedule, and establishing allocation for the group are outlined. A review of needed leadership skills along with a plan for addressing cultural diversity within the group is considered.

Many students are passionate about helping those in need, and are enthusiastic to start the group, but may get ahead of the detailed planning process. This is the time to take a deep breath, refocus, and know that without a carefully developed plan, the group is likely to fall short of its expected goals.

This week, you will examine the beginning stage of group work and specifically analyze client populations. In addition, you will begin to work collaboratively in your small cohort groups to begin the development of your first phase of your group proposal.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze clinical needs of a client population
  • Participate collaboratively in small cohort groups
  • Develop a group proposal*

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Corey, M. S., Corey, G., & Corey, C. (2018). Groups: Process and practice (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.

  • Chapter 2, “The Group Counselor” (pp. 51–54)
  • Chapter 5, “Forming a Group”
  • Chapter 11, “Groups in Community Settings”

Walden University. (2018). COUN 6250 Group Proposal: Overview. Retrieved from

Walden University. (2017b). Keyword searching: Finding articles on your topic: Searching basics. Retrieved from

Document: Cohort Group Proposal Project Guidelines (Word document)

Refer to this document for guidelines for completing your Group Proposal course project, which you will complete with your assigned cohort group.

Document: Cohort Group Experience Self-Reflection Questions (Word document)

You will take notes using the guidelines during Weeks 3–11 for use in completing your Week 11 Cohort Group Experience Self-Reflection Assignment.

Document: School of Counseling’s Key Professional Dispositions (PDF)

Reflect on the key dispositions to guide your professional relationships with your cohort group as you develop your cohort group proposal.


COUN 6250/COUN 8250/COUN 6250A/COUN 6250F: Week 3: Forming a Group Essay Assignment Paper


Your major assignment in this course is to develop a Group Proposal for a counseling group suitable for a community mental health setting. This assignment is to be completed in collaboration with your assigned cohort group of colleagues. Your assigned cohort will have the opportunity in 3 weekly discussions (Weeks 3, 4, and 8) to receive direct feedback from your Instructor regarding your proposal. You will need to determine a method to track and edit revisions to your Group Proposal (e.g., Google docs, OneDrive), which is due in Week 10.

As you work with your assigned cohort to develop the group proposal, you will be expected to notice and reflect on the small cohort group process that will emerge during your time together. Your attention to the process, your communication style, collaborative efforts, leadership, and problem-solving proficiency during the development of your group proposal will be an important part of the assignment. Each group member will submit an individual Cohort Group Experience Self-Reflection Assignment in Week 11. You will want to review the guidelines and instructions in the Cohort Group Proposal Guidelines and keep notes using the Cohort Group Experience Self-Reflection Questions in preparation for the Week 11 assignment.

To prepare:

  • Review the Corey, Corey, & Corey (2018) text, p. 153 to begin designing your group proposal. You may also use the questions on p. 171 to guide your thinking.
  • Review the School of Counseling’s Key Professional Dispositions, paying special attention to Professional Behaviors 3 and 12; Interpersonal Behaviors 4, 7, 13, 15, and 16; and Intrapersonal Behaviors 1, 7, 13, 20, and 22.
  • Refer to the Walden Library resources on keyword searching in this week’s Learning Resources to assist with your search strategies.

By Day 3, be prepared to post in your assigned cohort Discussion board. You will each post to your specific Discussion board as you develop your concepts. Your faculty will respond to your group, answer questions, and provide guidance. The three Discussions (Weeks 3, 4, and 8) are dedicated to the development of your group proposal and are considered a collaborative platform to assist you in your planning. Following each weekly Discussion, you should revise the draft of your collaborative group proposal, integrate faculty feedback, and edit your work. Your weekly Discussion participation will be graded according to the rubric specific to the Cohort Group Proposal Discussion Board. You may view the other cohort Discussion boards, but you are only responsible for posting in your assigned cohort link.

This week, you will develop the rationale and objectives for your group proposal. This will require you to consider and respond to the following:

  • Identify a population who may benefit from your proposed group. Explain the prevalence of the problem and associated risk factors.
  • Identify the type of group that you believe will best serve the population’s need.
  • Find initial support from the current literature for your proposal (these should be current, peer-reviewed journal articles applicable to professional counseling). What strategies have been shown to be effective with your proposed population?
  • State your initial objectives/goals in measurable terms.

By Day 3

Post your plans and ideas based on the prompts provided. (They may change as you communicate with your cohort members to develop your group proposal.) You will be expected to be active in the Discussion and integrate faculty feedback into your group proposal drafts.


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