Cultural Anthropology Essay Assignment Paper

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 Cultural Anthropology Essay Assignment Paper

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 Cultural Anthropology Essay Assignment Paper


1. A study of the garbage people throw away may reveal more about their lifestyles than surveys and interviews because:

a. garbage is easier to analyze than survey data b. people will often lie about their bad habits c. fieldwork in garbage dumps is less expensive d. surveys and interviews are done by sociologists

2. __________ linguistics, which focuses on the comparison and classification of different languages to reveal historical links, can often be used to confirm inferences derived from archaeological or paleoanthropological research on ancient population movements.

a. Historical b. Socio- c. Structural d. Evolutionary

3. An anthropologist interested in structural linguistics might consider doing research on:

a. the relationship between Chinese and Japanese b. whether bilingual children think differently from children who know only one language c. why some people speak with a southern accent only when they are with family members d. what languages are spoken in highland Peru

4. Most of the research of anthropologist Bambi Schieffelin falls under the category of:

a. sociolinguistics b. ethnomusicology c. forensic anthropology d. prehistoric archaeology

5. A unique research strategy of anthropologists which involves learning the language and culture of a group by participating in the group’s daily activities is called:

a. assimilation b. holistic interaction c. ethnography d. participant observation


Final Examination

GED210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

6. Anthropology is said to be “holistic” because it:

a. is concerned with primitive societies b. makes use of both written and spoken sources c. combines studies of biological and cultural phenomena d. studies the mystical aspects of human experience

7. When a scientist begins with a general theory from which testable hypotheses are developed, he or she is said to be using the __________ method.

a. deductive b. paradigm c. inductive d. hypothesis

8. Interconnected hypotheses that offer general explanations for natural or social phenomena are called:

a. paradigms b. theories c. deductive methods d. inductive facts

9. The ____________ model of hominid evolution suggests that the gradual evolution of homo erectus into modern human (homo sapiens) populations took place in different regions of the old world, not in one area of the world.

a. multiregional b. replacement c. “Garden of Eden” d. “Eve hypothesis”

10. The term “Paleolithic” also means:

a. “old Stone Age” b. “ancient knowledge” c. “before Adam” d. “cave people”

11. The most important technological development in stone tool production for the upper Paleolithic period was the ability to make:

a. sharpened cores b. long, narrow blades c. scraping tools d. hand axes


Final Examination

GED210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

12. Archaeologists believe that the first humans came to the new world from __________.

a. Asia b. Australia c. Europe d. Africa

13. The upper Paleolithic period, which dates from about 40,000 to 10,000 years ago, was characterized by:

a. big game hunting b. blade tools of many traditions c. the invention of composite tools d. All of the above.

14. Upper Paleolithic hunters increased the power and accuracy of their projectiles by using:

a. slingshots b. spear throwers c. bows and arrows d. stone projectile points

15. The term “composite tool” refers to an artifact made by:

a. firing clay into a hard material b. using bone or antler to remove thin flakes c. putting two or more materials together d. several different people

16. At the 15,000-year-old site at Mezirich in the Ukraine, archaeologists have excavated the remains of five shelters made from:

a. rough stone slabs b. blocks of marble c. tree trunks d. mammoth bones

17. An example of a “more” would be:

a. eating with a knife, fork, and spoon b. not appearing nude in public c. inviting the neighbors over for a barbecue d. forgetting to thank the hostess for inviting you.




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