Destroyers of Ecosystems Essay Assignment Paper

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Destroyers of Ecosystems Essay Assignment Paper

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Destroyers of Ecosystems Essay Assignment Paper


Watch the following video segment titled “Humans: Destroyers of Ecosystems”:

New Atlantis (Producer). (2002). The sixth extinction: The human role [Video file]. Retrieved from…

Click here for a transcript of this video segment. How much time did you spend outside as a child/teenager? Describe your experiences with forestland or other natural environments. Are those areas still in their natural state? Even if you have not spent much time outdoors, have you seen natural areas become fragmented due to land-use change (housing developments, industry, clear-cutting, etc.)? Consider the benefits and services provided by natural lands (clean water, air, biodiversity, etc.). How does the loss of forests and other natural lands affect you personally? Give specific examples.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.


Question 1

Which of the following increase connectivity between patches?

Edge effects

Question 2

A set of local populations that are linked by the dispersal of multiple, potentially interacting species is referred to as a(n):


Question 3

Which of the following are late successional species?


Question 4

According to Grime, which strategy is followed by stress-tolerant species?

C strategy
S strategy
R strategy
T strategy

Question 5

The number of species within a community is usually greatest when:

a disturbance occurs.
a low frequency of disturbance occurs.
an intermediate frequency of disturbance occurs.
a high rate of disturbance occurs.

Question 6

Match the question to the correct answer.

The sequence of communities from the pioneer community to the climax community is called a(n) ________.
Early successional species are referred to as ________ species.
Succession that occurs on a site that was previously unoccupied by another community is called ________ succession.
Environmental change is a direct result of the organisms within the ________ community.
The patchwork of different types of land cover is called a(n) ________ .
Strips of habitat that connect habitat patches are referred to as ________.
Within a mosaic, a(n). ________ is a relatively homogeneous community type, differing from its surroundings in both structure and species composition.
The ________ effect refers to the rich diversity of life that occurs along the border between adjacent habitat patches, represented by species from both adjacent patches and species adapted to edge habitats.
A(n) ________ species lives within the borders of a habitat patch, avoiding edges where habitat change is abrupt.
The degree to which the landscape facilitates or impedes the movement of organisms among patches is called ________.
A. community
B. primary
C. connectivity
D. patch
E. Intermediate disturbance
F. Island biogeography
G. sere
H. edge
I. corridors
J. pioneer
K. mosaic
L. autogenic
M. interior

Question 7

Assuming primary succession, list the following plant groups in order from early-successional to late-successional.

shade tolerant trees



shade-intolerant trees

grasses/herbaceous plants


Question 8

Explain the intermediate disturbance hypothesis as it relates to successional stages and species diversity.

Your response should be at least 75 words in length.

Question 9

Explain the difference between the organismal concept of communities and the individualistic continuum concept. Which do you think more accurately describes real communities, and why?

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


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