Healthcare Technologies Essay Assignment Paper

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 Healthcare Technologies Essay Assignment Paper

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 Healthcare Technologies Essay Assignment Paper


Instructions: This assignment must be done in APA format. A minimum word count for the overall assignment is 1600 words (not including reference portion). A minimum requirement of 4-6 references (with in-text citations) is required.



Instructor Notes:In professional writing avoid using first person “I” and third person “we”, as they detract from the quality and turn professional researched statements into opinions.  Instead of “I” use, for example, use “the writer, the author or the researcher”.



Instructors General Note:

  1. Is all hardware and software compatible? Why or why not. Give an example of the consequences of non compatible systems.
  2. Beyond type of data, what are the data used for. Give a specific scenario/application/example
  3. Beyond naming the fields, why is it designed this way? By whom?
  4. Beyond their differences what are the benefits and downsides of each?

Please answer as 4 separate, numbered answers.  Thanks




  1. Describe the difference between computer hardware and computer software.
  2. What type of data is stored in a PACS?
  3. A database record can have different types of fields. Name three different field types.
  4. What is the difference between a LAN and a WAN?


Reference Book: Gartee, R. (2011). Health information technologyand management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.




Part Two


Instructions: Write an 150 word response to each post. A minimum of one (1) reference is to be used (with in-text citatation). Be sure to wrote as of your talking to the person. Please be detailed as possible.


  1. Networks allow computers and organization personnel to seamlessly pass information to one another and utilize community equipment such as printers, scanners, applications, and shared drives (Gartee, 2011). There are two common ways that information can securely be sent over the internet and they are secure socket layer (SSL) and virtual private network (VPN).  A secure socket layer provides added security to HTTP webpages and sends only encoded data within these packets, then decrypts them when they are received to display the webpage (Tekdogan&Efe, 2018).  This type of security prevents hackers from intercepting any information sent over the internet, but can only protect things done within web pages.  The virtual private network also utilizes the internet to transport pockets of data but has its own built in software that encrypts or decrypts these packets.  This differs from the SSL because it can be used outside of just webpages and it also adds more security by verifying the users identify before encrypting or decrypting any information (Betuel, Machuve, Kalegele, 2017).


There are several steps that an organization can take to ensure that their security does not become breached such as keeping everyone educated, limiting access to data, keeping software properly updated, and to audit your organization regularly (Okokpijie, Shobayo, Noma-Osaghae, Imhade, Okoyeigbo, 2018).  By making sure that everyone is educated on what kind of data may and may not be shared and how to make sure that your connections are secured you can help to avoid breaches overall.  Also keeping software updated with any types of repairs or patches makes sure they it is providing the best security possible as well.  But most importantly auditing the security systems frequently is the only sure fire way to ensure that nothing has been breached and to find possible breaches early enough to help minimize the damages.  Some common ways companies find that their data has been breached is by discovering unauthorized downloads on their networks, and discovering more login attempts than usual from remote locations (Tekdogan&Efe, 2018).



  1. The internet is a worldwide network that has endless capabilities and functions and is connect to countless computers, servers, and clouds. Even with all of this functionality the internet is not a secure network and there are people out there every day looking to find ways to breach it and any information connected to it. Healthcare information is critical to protect because it contains a number of different types of information about an individual. The information that is in an individual’s health record is worth more money on than black market than an individual’s social security number (Snell, n.d.). Since the internet is an everyday network for healthcare facilities there are two things a facility can do to securely send information across the internet. The secure transmission is achieved by using a secured socket layer (SSL) or a virtual private network (VPN). Both of these avenues use encryption and decryption to secure the transmission (Gartee, 2011). Each of these has their own way of doing this and securely sending the information.


A healthcare organization does not want to intentionally or unintentionally violate HIPAA; therefore, organizations will take security measures to protect not only their network, but their patients. One thing that each organization can do is conduct regular risk assessments. A risk assessment forces an organization to review security policies, identify threats and uncover vulnerabilities within the system and is in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules (Managed Solution, 2018). Performing a risk assessment is essential to finding and fixing any potential issues that detrimental to the organization. Another security measure that can be taken is to provide continued HIPAA education to all employees. If employees are in the know and reminded of the implications of data breaches, the risk of violation can be drastically reduced and with the amount of spyware and viruses being created, there is always something new to learn (Managed Solution, 2018). Since spyware and viruses are always evolving, organization have to limit employee’s access to the internet and other software. This should also include phishing “tests” for all employee because organizations have to put their employees and education to the test. HIPAA education is something that should be provided annually if it is not already by every organization. There is also education on what employees can and can not do with the organization’s hardware and software. Education is a key step in keeping the organization, its patients and their health information safe and secure.



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