Impacts of Stereotype Threat

Stereotype threat refers to being at risk of confirming, as self-characteristic, a negative stereotype about a group to which an individual belongs. According to Stone, Lynch, Sjomeling, and Darley (1999), Black athletes perform worse than White athletes when they are led to believe that a game of miniature golf tests “sport strategic intelligence,” but when the test is framed as a measure of “natural athletic ability,” White athletes perform worse than Black athletes. The cumulative impact that stereotype threat can have on performance—the burden of “living down” to an unfavorable stigma—can certainly be substantial. Research shows, in fact, that the extra pressure that is felt to defy a stereotype may actually be so great as to sabotage an individual’s performance and end up confirming the stereotype.

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Impacts of Stereotype Threat

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💡 For this essay, reflect on a personal experience when implied expectations had a positive or negative impact on your performance, and consider whether this was due to stereotype threat or simply to situational factors (i.e., factors of the situation not related to the stereotype).

In the essay, please follow the instructions as below:
📍1. Give a brief description of the experience you selected, including implied expectations.
📍2. Explain whether these expectations had either a positive or negative influence on your performance and why.
📍3. Explain whether the influence on performance was due to stereotype threat or to more situational overt factors and why.
📍4. Explain one strategy to resist stereotype threat.

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