Marine Biology Essay Assignment Paper

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 Marine Biology Essay Assignment Paper

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 Marine Biology Essay Assignment Paper


1. University standard. Write a 10-15 sentence, fact-supported, essay answer to your assigned weekly question(s).

2. How to determine your assigned weekly essay question(s)? You will be answering the “Study Guide Questions” (found under Course Content), for the assigned weekly textbook chapters listed in your Class and Assignment Schedule. These are excellent questions representing the most important concepts in our course. Therefore, if you cut-and-paste your classmates’ correct answers to these weekly questions, you will have created an excellent Study Guide (questions plus answers) for studying for your final exam. To determine your assigned question(s), go to the Navigation Bar, Roster, select the Students tab, alphabetize by student’s last name, then count down the list of students to your name. That number is your student number. You only need to check this number once each week, as students will drop the class, causing your number to change. Now, go to the last paragraph in this document and use your class Week number and your student number to determine your assigned essay question(s) to answer. Don’t be concerned that more than one student does the same question(s), as student numbers will change when students drop the course.

3. Mechanics a. Your discussion directions will direct you to submit your work by selecting Start a New Thread. Do not use attachments. b. After the week is over, the discussion is closed to further input so that we can move forward to the next week’s discussions. I will not respond to every discussion that is made, but will be following your submissions and responses, and interjecting when I feel it is appropriate. c. I will interact weekly with each student using a completed discussion grading rubric, so be sure to read them for my feedback. The last paragraph explains where to find them in LEO.

4. Expectations a. Your submission must be thorough, concise, positive, and in essay form using effective writing, with a length of one or two single-spaced paragraphs totaling 10-15 sentences (not including the question(s) or references). Question(s) should be in bold font. Answers should discuss the concept in DETAIL to show your understanding of the topic. If you need more scholarly information on your topic, consider an internet search or a second textbook. b. Your submission must be paraphrased (as explained in UMUC’s “How to Avoid Plagiarism” self-study module), i.e. written in your own words. Do not copy or cut-and-paste from any source. Do not use direct quotes. The reason I insist on this is because (1) student comprehension is significantly increased by paraphrasing instead of copying verbatim material, and (2) UMUC considers copying-and-pasting another author’s work to be plagiarism. Paraphrasing also allows me to identify, and subsequently correct, any misconceptions a student may have with the course material. I will not give credit to an input that gives little detail, or uses verbatim text from an internet site, our course materials, or other source. c. Use APA in-text and reference list citations, which are explained on UMUC’s APA Citation Examples web page, as well as in UMUC’s “How to Avoid Plagiarism” self-study module. Liberally use in-text citations to cite material which is not your own. Use our course materials as your primary reference. You may use other scholarly, peer-reviewed references in addition to our course materials. 1) If using an electronic textbook, use the provided physical textbook page numbers for your citations. 2) If you wish to add an internet reference, be sure to use a paragraph number in its in-text citation if the reference has no page number. The internet address should also be a “hot link” which allows the reader to click on it and be taken directly to the page where you found the information. 3) Use only scholarly references, dated no older than 10 years. Do not use dictionary references. Do not cite commercial web sites (URL ending in “.com”) since they are not scholarly (i.e. peer-reviewed). d. I will evaluate effective writing based on the Maryland Statewide English Composition standard for undergraduate writing which states that writing should be “substantially free of errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics” to earn a “C” grade. e. I will grade your first submission of that week; therefore, submit only final, not draft, versions of your work. For effective writing assistance, you may wish to have UMUC’s Effective Writing Center review your work before submission. f. No late submissions are accepted. Before the deadline, use the “Edit” function to correct errors that I bring to your attention.

5. Discussion example with errors. To read error comments, you will need to use Microsoft Word and select View => Print Layout. Paragraph 5 provides a corrected version.

Discussion subject line: Jones Comment by Dennis Whitford: Missing question number

2. Differentiate between marine biology, biological oceanography, and oceanography. Comment by Dennis Whitford: Did not bold question number and question



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