MGMT 8003M: Week 11: Looking Ahead Essay Assignment Paper

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 MGMT 8003M: Week 11: Looking Ahead Essay Assignment Paper

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 MGMT 8003M: Week 11: Looking Ahead Essay Assignment Paper

MGMT 8003M: Gateway to Doctoral Studies | Week 11

“Perspective gives us the ability to accurately contrast the large with the small, and the important with the less important. Without it we are lost in a world where all ideas, news, and information look the same. We cannot differentiate, we cannot prioritize, and we cannot make good choices.”

—John Sununu

Congratulations on completing your first course in your PhD in Management program. You will spend this final week of the course looking ahead to your next foundation courses and reflecting on how your perspectives on Doctoral study and the field of management have changed since you started this course.

The skills reviewed this quarter are critical to your success, critical thinking, reading, and writing as well as reflective writing.  As you begin your next class, work on perfecting and adding to your Skill Inventory. Remember that these are not just classes you take to fulfill your degree program; they are learning experiences designed to help you gain the skills needed to succeed in the final stages of your degree program and beyond in your chosen career path.

When you attend your first residency, many of the skills, such as critical thinking will be reviewed; you should work independently to perfect your abilities in these areas. The student who can fully embrace critical thinking, writing, and reading will be prepared for the independent nature of the Dissertation.

Personal Experiences

I can clearly remember my first class in my PhD program. I was a little intimidated and nervous that the skills I developed during my Master’s program were not good enough for my PhD journey.  So, I spent a great deal of time outside of the classroom making sure I understood I needed to raise my skills to a certain level in order to succeed in the PhD program.  I really didn’t realize at the onset of my program that I was on my way to becoming a Social Scientist who specializes in the field of knowledge management. I had a lot of professional experience, but I was not ready for effective scholarly writing and critical reading.

My advice to all those who have chosen this path is to work ahead and really become good critical readers and writers.  Do not expect each class to lay out exactly what you will need to do; get used to ambiguity, be curious, and tie everything back to your area of specialization.

Really become an expert at time management because when you get to the point of your Dissertation you will need to carve out time to think, read, write, edit, and repeat.  As you  develop these skills throughout your program, you will be able to effectively collaborate with your committee, take criticism, and look for opportunities to improve your work.  Take responsibility for your work and your own progress.  It is not just about getting through the courses and finishing the degree; it is about becoming a distinguished Social Scientist with an advanced and specialized skill set.

—Dr. Karla Phlypo

Learning Objectives

You will:

  • Describe personal expectations and impressions related to attending the first residency
  • Evaluate changes in personal perspectives related to Doctoral study and the field of management
  • Identify skills and resources needed for success in Doctoral study


You will develop the following skills:

  • Systematically evaluates own strengths and weaknesses, critically evaluating both obvious and subtle areas for development and strategically pursuing opportunities for both short and long-term professional development
  • Expertly integrates and synthesizes highly complex and ambiguous information into what is already known about a topic

Source: Laureate Education (2017). Workplace skills competency framework. Baltimore, MD: Author.


 MGMT 8003M: Week 11: Looking Ahead Essay Assignment Paper


Learning Resources

Note: To access this week’s library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus.

Recommended Readings

Walden University. (n.d.-p). Welcome to Walden Academic Residencies. Retrieved May 25, 2014. from

Walden University. (n.d.-b). Academic skills center. Retrieved from

Walden University Center for Research Quality. (n.d.). Retrieved from


TED (Producer). (2015d). Will O’Brien: Sustainability is the key driver of innovation [Video file]. Retrieved from

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 12 minutes.

TED (Producer). (2012). Ernesto Sirolli: Truly sustainable economic development [Video file]. Retrieved from

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 18 minutes.

TED (Producer). (2013b). Shane Hughes: The unstoppable collaborative economy [Video file]. Retrieved from

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 12 minutes.


 MGMT 8003M: Week 11: Looking Ahead Essay Assignment Paper


“Skills are never taught, they are acquired. I can give you a camera, but can’t feed your vision.”

—Raghu Rai

Earlier in the course you completed to the Skills Development and Assessment Plan. The purpose of this Discussion is for you to share with your colleagues your selected area of specialization and reflect on how this class has helped you develop related skills or how the class has affected your perspective. Discuss why you have chosen your area of concentration, and identify topics that interest you and you plan to focus on because of this course.

For example, if you are enrolled in the Financial Management track, how has your learning experience in the class affected your views on finance? If you are in Human Resource Management, how has the learning experience changed or expanded possible topics you would like to discover? Last, reflect on what excites you about achieving a PhD in Management and how you will leverage the coursework to expand your interests and develop your Dissertation topic.

Before you begin this Discussion, be sure to review the readings and media.

Key Questions to Consider for Your Discussion

  • Why have you chosen your area of concentration?
  • What topics are you interested in as a result of this course?
  • What personal reflections do you have about your skills?
  • What conclusions have you drawn based on what you read this quarter about the field of management?
  • What new perspective have you gained about management?

Discussion Goals

Your goal this week is to evaluate literature and make connections between topics related to what you have learned about the field of management and the required skills that make a successful scholar-practitioner. The goal for this week is to demonstrate the skills of integration and evaluation based on what you have learned.

By Day 3: Initial Post

Post a few paragraphs in which you reflect on the key questions listed above. Be sure to incorporate references to the assigned reading and other materials as well as specific examples from your personal experience to support your initial statement.

Read all the initial posts from your colleagues.

By Day 5: Responses to Your Colleagues

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by providing comments, questions, or suggestions addressing their concerns. Be sure to support your statements with references to the assigned reading, additional sources you’ve found, and examples from your own experience.

By Day 7: Reflection

Share your thoughts about the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you have learned during this Discussion by Day 7.


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