Practicum Experiences in Psychology  Essay Assignment Paper

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 Practicum Experiences in Psychology  Essay Assignment Paper

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 Practicum Experiences in Psychology  Essay Assignment Paper





Connection of practicum experiences to professional and personal development, specifically:discuss how your fieldwork and the application of academic studies has contributed to the mission and objectives of your placement site and the constituent groups it serves.

Connection of practicum experiences to the field of psychology and related academic studies, i.e., application of psychological theories, concepts, research, and best practices.  You are to cite sources in supporting your comments, using correct APA style.

The experience that was gained from the internship sharpened my skills as well as gained



experience on fundamental issues such as the ethical principles of psychology which entail promotion of good human relations, solving problems, and maintaining competence. The most important aspect that I gained from the experience was the use of proper communication skills that aided me in getting feedback when required from the management. Thus in the field, I learned the importance of establishing structures that would influence the purchasing power of the customers.



Thus during the internship, there were several theories that were vested in order to influence the purchasing power of the customers.



The most common was the behavioral theory which was based on the aspects of relating to the customers and also examining what the customers really want or by establishing the need of the customer. That is why most of the customers want to have an experience that they can never forget when shopping. Since most of the clients will like to be engaged concerning the available offers as well as new products that are in the shop. Thus through these interactions with the customers, I was able to understand the needs of the customers. Through these interactions, the management is able to set metrics on the types of the product that are mostly consumed as well as making the facility basic to clients.

Thus with the knowledge, I also learned that the theories can be used in addressing the social issues as well as legal issues around the working environment. As a psychologist, I believe I am obliged to provide a relevant solution to the social issues that are around and also treating people equal regardless of gender, sexual orientation or religion. Thus the use of the psychological theories will aid in the influence of the solutions that should be taken.

  1. Connection of practicum experiences to professional and personal development, specifically:
  2. Discuss how your field experiences have challenged your own knowledge, practices, attitudes, or values.

Running emotional ideas have challenged my own knowledge since psychological appeals the clients more than functional or feature appeals. Most advertisements when they are instilled with the psychological appeals are most likely to be appreciated by the customers. Customers are most likely to buy the product. Thus giving the client a psychological appeal you will most likely influence him or her to consider buying the products that you are selling. I also realized that the use human relation was very effective since I was able to obtain information that was able to aid the management in terms of how they can improve their services further than the current situation.


  1. Discuss insights or new awareness gained and/or validated (e.g., gained a different perspective on a topic; more insight into the type of work or career field).

The experience was very insightful since despite having the knowledge of psychology I was able to apply in many circumstances of the real-life situation in a business setting. I also knew the importance of values such as self-management, resilience, and patience when facing tough challenges. The psychological principles I learned the value of addressing social issues around the working environment since a healthy working environment motivates the employers working life. Thus with the healthy working environment will act as motivators towards growth opportunity as well as recognition strategies will be implemented for encouraging the employees.




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