social movements and social changes

it is time to think about what kinds of social movements and social changes you want to see actually happen. C. Wright Mills says that the sociological imagination is key for individuals to recognize one’s relationship to greater society. And one person’s idea, vision, discovery, or effort can truly shift an entire society in order to make changes that benefit not only the individual but also society at large.

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social movements and social changes

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Using your own sociological imagination and your understandings of Sociology, society and what it takes to generate social change, choose one particular cause, action, or social issue. The Reaction Paper II involves three steps:


Pick one cause you find particularly important. In a few paragraphs, discuss what the social issue is, why you chose it, how you relate personally to it, and what you hope to achieve in calling attention to the issue. How does it fit with our class on Sociology? What would C. Wright Mills say about your social issue? What do sociologists say about your issue or concern? Be specific and thorough in your descriptions/answers.


Using the four main stages of a social movement, describe how each stage would unfold as your own actual social movement progresses. Be as detailed as possible in your descriptions. What would it take to complete each stage and what do you anticipate happening throughout the movement? What social movement strategies would you employ? What do you hope to achieve and when will you know you have succeeded? What countermovements may arise? How will you mobilize people to join the movement? What tactics will you use to get your message across or achieve your movement goals?


Goffman’s Frame Analysis is central to understanding social change. Next, name your social movement and discuss two specific frames that you could employ in your efforts. Discuss how each frame is important for your movement. Be specific here in terms of how you will “package” the movement to others.


Finally, on a separate piece of paper, create your own graffiti that exemplifies your social movement. What image(s) might reflect or inspire such change? Use markers, pens, pencils, or other art supplies to create this graffiti image. Please do not copy and paste images from the Internet. Use the entire piece of paper as a blank canvas!

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