Transpersonal Theory

Social work practice recognizes that there is more to being you than your physical self, your personal identity, and your intellect. Once the physiological and safety needs are met, why might some individuals still find themselves in need of guidance? The absence of basic physical needs is not the only concern that social workers help clients solve. Transpersonal theory speaks to the needs that individuals share as human beings, including love, creativity, belonging, meaning, and purpose. Understanding transpersonal theory prepares social workers to respond to presenting concerns that inhibit clients’ personal peace, empowerment, and self-esteem.

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Transpersonal Theory

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For this Discussion, review this week’s resources. Consider what it means to be a transpersonal social worker. Then, think about how transpersonal theory and your own belief system might affect your approach to social work practice. Finally, reflect on how you might help clients with belief systems that differ from your own.

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